Content Curation – Discover, Collate and Organise Digital Content

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Every day that passes there are an estimated 250 million photos uploaded to Facebook, 864,000 hours of video uploaded to YouTube, and 295 BILLION emails sent. And that’s not counting all the check-ins, friend requests, Yelp reviews, Amazon posts, and pins on Pintrest.

The volume of information being created is growing faster than software is able to sort it out. As a result, you’re often unable to determine the difference between a fake Linkedin friend request, and a picture from your best friend’s new car. Even with good metadata, it’s still all “data” — whether raw unfiltered, or tagged and sourced, it’s all treated like another input to your digital inbox.

Content Curators in Practice

What’s happened is the web has gotten better at making data. Way better, as it turns out and while Google algorithms have gotten better at detecting spam, they aren’t keeping up with the massive tide of real-time data.

Content Curation is the process to discover, grab and organize digital content for a specific niche or matter.

The difference between content curation and content aggregation is that it involves human processes in order to filter and present relevant content.

In order to make great content work with content curation you need the right arsenal.

First One On top ten list of content curation tools:

1. Easily express your passion with a gorgeous magazine. And be heard!

2. Bottlenose: the Now Engine – a new way to see what’s happening now around any interest and keep up with it over time.

3. Curata: Easily find the content you are looking for, organise, and share it out to the channels you choose for your business.

4. Flipboard: See everything on Flipboard, all your news and life’s great moments in one place.

4. Storify: Storify helps its users tell stories by curating social media.

5. Pearltrees: is your digital library. It lets you collect, organise and share everything you like.

6. Pinterest: A content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard.

7. Netvibes: Everything that matters to you, all in one dashboard.

8. Addictomatic: Instantly create a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic.

9. Spundge: Collaboratively curate the web and create relevant, influential content.

10. Veeoz: helps you to get a quick overview, understand and draw valuable insights from the views/opinions expressed by hundreds of millions of users on different social media platforms.

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